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Leadership development is defined as expanding the collective capacity of organizational members to engage effectively in leadership roles and processes. Leadership roles refer to those that come with and without formal authority, whereas management development focuses on performance in formal managerial roles. Leadership processes are those that generally enable groups of people to work together in meaningful ways, whereas management processes are considered to be position- and organization-specific. Our efforts are targeted towards leader and leadership development across all organization levels, and to develop leadership capacity in all employees and across all organizational systems. Effective leadership development helps organizations engage their people, unlock potential, and experience unprecedented growth.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that to be competitive they must invest in leadership and management development. Over the last decade, organizations and their leaders have experienced major changes in the workplace, technological change, increased globalization, changing organization structures and major changes in the dynamics of careers. Leaders and managers are considered a highly influential group in terms of creating high-performance organizations. Organizational capability at a management level in an organization is considered essential to improve competitiveness and ensure future growth. Organizations taking a proactive and systematic approach to management and leadership development generally produce more leadership talent, intensity and quality, rigour and consistency of their management and leadership development interventions.

Organizations seek to evolve and to compete and hence must continue to develop the capacity of their leaders. An excellence in leadership and managerial development encompasses variables such as work context; learning objectives; industry; participant composition and numerous other considerations might well result in contrasting leadership interventions of equal worth.  Leadership and managerial program should incorporate clear individual accountabilities for growth while the metric analysis done before, during and after the program can bring focus to this issue while participants are given to understand that there is an outcome expectation.

In the knowledge economy, an organization cannot grow or prosper beyond the capability of its leadership and the commitment and skill of its workforce. Management effectiveness is directly related to organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and competitive advantage. Retention, talent development, organizational performance and employee engagement are objectives that can be delivered only through the leadership and management role—the relationship that people experience each and every day.

Our leadership development programs are precisely targeted by industry, strategy and leadership level to help our clients develop the next generation of leaders – smart, dynamic professionals prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence. We begin with a consideration of how leadership and management development differ from each other.  Leadership and management development in organizations can take a number of forms and can be driven that consists of variety of formal interventions such as coaching, mentoring, formal programmes and feedback-intensive programmes. Kotter (1988) has argued that leaders and managers are distinct in their roles and functions. He considers management to be concerned with planning and organizing whereas leadership is concerned with creating, coping with change and helping organizations to adapt in turbulent times.



  • 1. Systematic development of first-time leaders and managers
  • 2. Preparing the leaders for managing change
  • 3. Develop interventions for influencing, negotiation and conflict handling
  • 4. Developing functional capability to conduct interviews (BEI)
  • 5. Developing internal coaches and mentors

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