The Problems

XYZ Technologies Limited is a leading global provider
of power and data transmission solutions had a vision
to hire smarter globally and develop 100 of their HiPo

The Tools/ Services

- BestworkDATA System a Personality & Cognitive
ability tool
- Identification (using the 9 box model and other
PMS data) of the 100 HiPo Employees


The Solution

- A talent optimization tool was introduced to the
HR team that helps them hire best fit.
- Development for their top 100 employees was
based on dual engagement – individual
development plan involving the boss and group
development plan Coaching for change &
Training to upskill respectively

The Outcome

As of now we have developed a Leadership
competency framework and mapped their top 100
employees leading to their career pathing. We are
actively supporting them for JobFit hiring and
development of their employees.

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